Beginning Monday, March 5, 2018, I will be joining the team at Cloudbakers and closing down Telarus Solutions. For close to three years, we have strived to help our clients find and implement the best technology solutions for their organizations. I want to express my gratitude to those customers who trusted our work.

The opportunity at Cloudbakers allows me to bring larger solutions to play for companies. Please find me at if I can be of assistance.

All the best,

John Suffern


rocket“Our goal is to empower your organization with the tools to thrive in the 21st century marketplace”



Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, what is best for my company? Will everything be secure? What happens if it stops working? Who do I call for help?

All these questions and more go through your mind as you try to make navigate the a cloud solution migration.

Telarus Solutions has helped numerous organizations determine if a cloud solution yields a return on investment and warrants their time and energy. Contact us and we will help you navigate this process.


Telarus Solutions specializes in custom, bootstrapped, eCommerce-ready website redesigns. All of our refreshes utilize CMS solutions designed to empower organizations with instant access to the world wide web, without needing an in-house dedicated development staff. Our services empower you with the tools to intuitively and flexibly communicate and connect with your client base.


If your company is still using post-it-notes or spreadsheets to manage client, customer, or donor data, Telarus Solutions can help you navigate the many data management systems available and choose the right one for your organization.

Whether you run a large or small company, you need to manage your data and communicate with your existing and new customers more efficiently. Let us show you how selecting the right system can help you maximize your organizations impact!


Telarus Solutions continuously strives to help clients locate and identify the best internal network and PC support, at the most cost-effective prices.

This is achieved by working closely with a group of pre-qualified channel partners who specialize in providing high-quality, cost-effective managed network services. Throughout this process, Telarus Solutions performs a comprehensive needs
assessment in order to guide you through the vendor selection process and help you find the right partner.


Comparing the terms of individual telecommunications services is a laborious and demanding task that eats up untold hours. Worse, companies are rarely able to secure the best rates on the services that they need, and they’re often forced to sign up for services they don’t really want or need in order to secure the ones they do.

Telarus Solutions does all the shopping, comparing and negotiating on behalf of its clients, and because of our partner’s unique insider access to telecom service providers, its customers are often able to secure advantageous terms and service conditions.


If you are trying to figure out the right mix of digital marketing tools to use and how they tie into sales uplift, we can guide you through the process. We help you reach your target audience, when and how they want to engage, with our expertise in digital marketing, analytics and email marketing across the web, mobile, and social media channels.

We integrate the best technology that is suited for you, bringing together the right elements and integrating multi-technology, multi-vendor platforms to benefit you.


“John really kept us on track to making the best decision in choosing our mobile app development partner” – Ryan W.

“By bringing in clients and working them through our system, networking, crafting and publishing our marketing message, working with the development team to fix and improve our system, finding and training our sales team, working with our CRM, MailChimp, and  shaping our digital marketing, there is no aspect of what we do that goes beyond your scope.  We have a business that has several genuine clients and we are on the verge of getting the all important revenue”. – Bruce F. CEO

“Working with Telarus Solutions was a big return on investment”

“Our new site is the product of our organizational vision mixed with talented skills of the Telarus team.  We couldn’t be more pleased and will certainly do more business with them in the future.”

In the rapidly evolving technology marketplace, organizations need a trusted adviser and industry expert on their team. Telarus Solutions would love to be that partner. As a partner, Telarus Solutions will diligently work with you to fully understand your organizational needs, help you select the best solution, implement and measure the results. Organizations who choose Telarus Solutions are investing in their future.

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